Deminishing returns

I’m aware that a lot of people are dropping the game and this is why:

  1. For people who spent a lot of money on premier players before 6 stars were introduced, 95% of those players are now useless. It really is a blow to the stomach that I’ve personally spent thousands of dollars on 5 stars that I can’t use anymore.
  2. The rewards have been all but completely not worth our time, especially for a number one faction. But I’m sure scopely is aware of that perception in the community.

So my solution to keep the players (big spenders) from quitting is to offer a coin trade in program. For every coin purchased before 6* introduction that nullified our current rosters, you offer a fraction of coins in return. I get that you will lose sales initially, but big spenders are dropping like flies and you’ll make out in the future. If I did 30 max pulls in the past, I’d like at least 10 max pulls at new premiers to regain my status I’ve earned in the past.

It’s kind of similar to the giveaway I saw recently where one or two in my faction were given amazing gear for apparently nothing. The message said it was a thank you for being a loyal customer. I took it as i am not considered a loyal customer and it was yet another slap in the face to people who have dedicated a lot of money and time to the game. There wasn’t even an explanation to the people receiving the gift as to what constitutes a “loyal customer!”

I think scopely needs to be very concerned over saving face with its loyal customers. The introduction and power of 6*s has really dissuaded us on how long our dollars will hold their value.

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That is truly a piss take. I would genuinely not be happy about that at all.