Dem purps, yo. Give 'em!

Here is to hoping that scoplugo has put an algorithm in place to ensure that everyone gets at least one purple token. Im really trying not to laugh, here.


That would be nice

Barker, who has been the most predominantly pulled(according to forums), is not game breaking.


Gimme dem mushy purps

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I was hopeful on this too, even threw a few bucks in for extra tries. Not looking good tho.


Wishful thinking I’m afraid. I was sure from the moment this event started that I wouldn’t get a purple token. If there is one more flash road map or they extend the event for 30 days and run it every day I still doubt I’d get a purple token. And even if I did I just know I’d get barker or negan and be even more disappointed than if I hadn’t got the token in the first place. I’m pretty pessimistic about my luck in this game if you can’t tell.


Hang in there bud, seems like when you are about at your lowest with the game something good comes through.


Thanks man. And you’re right about that every time I’ve been ready to quit the game I’ll conveniently pull the premier with my last coins, and then I’ll go back to never getting another until I’m ready to quit again. Happened last night with michonne. :joy:


The “hes-about-to-quit” algorithm. Patent pending.


Im rolln on a complete disconnect algorithm. Ive spent and been heartbroke MULTIPLE times. Quit for a five month streak. Im back to ride this bish to the end. My perspective is unique.


Im holding out hope that @kalishane is all she says she is, and is fighting for us on the frontlines…

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What’s the use of the crate at the end of the Roadmap if all we get from it is 10 gold WD tokens? Much less the event only runs for 4½ days?


Knowing this game, and I hate to be pessimistic here, I doubt the majority of players will get their hands on a legendary token. Three days in and at about 7 pulls in, I’ve had no luck at all. Personally, any toon I could get from the wheel would be amazing. Maybe except Gator.

For the .01% chance you’ll pull a purp token

Fyi, the only reason i spent what i did was due to “peer-pressure”. Not actual pressure, but virtual due to the fear of losing “friends”. Classic psychological marketing. Yes, i was in a top faction.

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I got one through the stash. Pulled Wyatt. Luckily I don’t have him and don’t have to use ascendence tokens on him.

On the other hand, I turned him down once and I’m not going to use 30 tape/kits on his spear.

The thirst is real

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I got one on the 18th stash pull

Who did you get and was it worth the $30+ you spent?

Your faction pressured you to spend? That’s terrible.