Dem Ice cream coooneesss

So what’s your current progress on Ice Cream cones as a F2P?

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2600 roughly


52 … but that is only because I just claimed Priya today!


1.7k ice cream cones

1,405 cones

Got her today but Simple example How Scopely manipulate ods. In stash highest chances are for collection items and torches. 8% for trainers 4% for cans. Most my drops from stash are trainers and cans.
Now I’ll try buy offers for money/coins where 8% are coins 92% some shit. What I’ll get?
Ofc we all know answers. Got priya only thanks to onslaught milestones, collection with bruce and daily roadmap with…200 cones max. Stash was manipulated, game knew im close to priya

Not f2p. 230/4000. No, I don’t have her yet.

I may need to rethink my strategy.

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:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:


Might could’ve had her already if not used all torches from the start for the blue key map. This was my mistake. What actually happened to the ice cones map? It’s gone, at least in my game.

Edit: Lmao! Now the map back is again.

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Don’t you shame me!

June < July < August was the trend, but September (which was trending upwards) sharply plummeted (to 0) after the 14th.


It’s back unfortunately it’s the one I have already completed😂

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Like 4.5k


  1. Claimed my first yesterday. Still have 700 left in my Typhoon Stash. Should get another 250 in this Onslaught though I may just start focusing on Pete for a good Ranged lead

2k, I need 2k more for my first 5 star ascendable, let the IV drip.

2300, been focusing on her instead of blue keys.

2996/4000 till I get the 1st one.

135/4000 already got my 1st priya yesterday!

Claimed her yesterday!