Deletion of unused progress



I would like all your opinions on that scopely should give use the option to delete unused progress / regions we no longer use, I have like 3 region I don’t use from when I first got into the game, I no longer use them and it’s really annoying that they are there and I also keep miss clicking on them when swapping regions, I know must people that would not matter, but I have OCD and it makes me so wonder, customer service say they can’t do any thing, but the fact is they can as I used to code for a game developer, and it’s easy. This should be a thing, with some rules like once deleted it’s gone. Ect


This would just create issues and there is nothing in it for them so won’t happen.


I just used the free transfer keys each region received, and I just kept transfering over the regions I didn’t want.


I see, but when you transfer don’t the just swap around??


No you lose one region.


Ah yes I see it work, but on three of them I have already used keys, now away around that lol


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