Deleting threads to hide the truth?

So it seems that scopes is dying and they keep deleting threads that people talk truth about. They want people to stay and have fun but only if you pay their bills.

This game is totally optional on paying but yet YOU scopes have made it unbearable to even want to play this game as it is no longer balanced. YOU want to keep people than you better get YOUR act together and bend a knee to your true loyal players, the f2p players of the game. You have destroyed your own game by causing stupid 15+ region crw wars, not fixing terras, unbalanced gameplay, giving out crap rewards during events (unlike the old days where you gave toons for rewards), no updated wheels, prestige wheel having junk toons mixed with so called prestige toons (which prestige toons should be the only ones there), still having basic tokens for rewards. No reward for your truly loyal players that actually have login streaks. (Which I’m sure there are tons out there with more than mine)

I could go on for hours with this but it will do no good as I’m sure it will be deleted soon. So Scopes, deliver on your promises or you know the true outcome of what you’ve done to your game which incase ya don’t, it will be ranked -200 in the app stores before the end of the year and it will become a dead game and only remembered by how it was driven into the ground by it’s owners.


It’s only around because we play, so that kinda makes it ours :wink:

Lip service and broken promises. This is what we get.

They delete these threads because they are against TOS. My very first post on forums was instantly shit down ovwr asking about the game shutting down. Anywhoo…

In before deletion!

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