Deleted Threads?


Where’d the hottest character thread go? And the meme thread?

There were some funny posts there.

RIP jokes :frowning:

Hottest Toon in the game

Good riddance? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was totally going to revive the hottest character thread with a silly gif to break up the sea of negativity that is the forums :’(

Now where will I post it?


Make a new hottest character thread lol


Crazy enough to work.

I actually wanted to make an Ugliest Character thread awhile ago. You know Larry is making that list. Looks like an Easter Island head’s Grandpa


Now I do kind of want to hear why/how the end of it came about. Did some sort of conflict erupt? Was somebody offended by the thread itself and contacted a moderator? Is this going to get flagged because I brought moderation into this? lol


Shane mentioned some random threads being deleted. That might have been one. The meme thread was supposedly another.

I wonder what others got chopped?



T1 Sidiqq. Crime: Public display of too much chest hair.


Huh. Interesting. That does look like the original. So it was restored? I remember there being a post about the original one getting deleted and Shane looking into why that was.


You know its true. Someone over there is a grumpy gus. :rofl:

Edit. Whoops false alarm? Guess I should read the whole post 1st. Nah. Still true.


@Pablo bring it backkkkkkkkkk


Which one? The meme thread is back already.

Hottest character is still RIP…I think




Look what you did. Now I’m all broken up too. :wink:


IDK, Aris is kind of hot she look like a freaky red headed milf


and this cutie


Hell yeah.


Agreed. Her name and handle should really be changed to Angela “Made to pleasure”.


@EndureAndSurvive9 beat me to it, so I’ll just jump on his bandwagon :stuck_out_tongue: