Delete- found another recent topic

Delete, found recent topic regarding this.

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Not sure what we are deleting but I’m down with deleting stuff. :wink:

Haha rage induced rant about territory crashes, i usuallt search first but was ticked off, and then found the other bug thread after calming down. I have shame face over duplicate posting :no_mouth:

Hey you did the right thing when you found the other post. Territories is so busted I don’t think they could fix all the problems it has. The biggest one is its lame and a waste of time. They also used the same names on like 8 spots so that’s s not confusing at all. The reward for holding an entire section is not even close to the effort involved. Maybe one day they will fix it. Have a good one!


Haha i hate territories because so glitched, but gotta be a team player. I agree waste of time and effort. You have a good one too! :blush:

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