Delays in raids


Ive noticed that after attacking there is a delay of 3 to 5 seconds while waiting for damage to be inflicted. This costs valuable time in taking out a team before timing out. Anyone else experiencing this issue?


Especially after double attack or sometimes after a raid ends.


I’ve experienced it, wouldn’t go as far as to call it an issue though.

How often do you win a raid with 6/7 seconds to go? Once a month, maybe?


I often do. I use a “fun” team where I try to hit one at a time instead of blowing them all up.


I’ve had this too. Sometimes as long as five seconds with absolutely nothing happening, no fancy animations, no special effects, just toons staring at each other. These lost seconds could be vital v delay defences.


A Mexican Stand-off.


The whole animation thing is pretty tedious anyhow, especially collecting food and stuff.

The first 3400 times are ok but after that …


I never time out, but I hate the slow animation nonsense.


I’ve noticed a long pause right before a guardian puts up a shield. It’s only a couple seconds but it definitely effects the smoothness of the game play


Opponents active skills seem to take an eternity.


I thought I had noticed this or something similar in CRW over the weekend. It seemed whenever I would kill the enemy team, I would then have to wait 3-5 seconds for “victory” to appear.

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I noticed it a lot in war after a Zachary (or three) decimated my team.

Pretty sure I would have hit the 200k milestone had this not happened - every second matters, so please send this reward to my inbox Scopley. Thanks.

sarcasm, for those with sarcasm identification deficiency


I find turning on or off the auto button fixes it. Speeds it up anyway


This was a big issue in COW. You would win a battle and the “victory” display would take 5-6 seconds to display. That time is crucial… Still happening during raid event.
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Yes very frustrating


Definitely noticing it on double attack ARs. When I use Sandy, the screen will show decap animation on a toon, but it stands there several seconds, then jerk back and die. At first I thought it was funny, but qfter an entire CRW weekend, I was over it when speed does matter.


I think that’s just your phone dude. Doesn’t happen to me

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I think it has to do with some of the new toons… or maybe maim… when I use my alice team I have no problem. If I try to mess around with Michelle and Charlie it’s a mess and so slow.


Yeah, this damn galaxy S9+ is already out dated lol!


My guy im using the stylo lg 4. i have no problems like this.

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