Delay Leagues until after anniversary event finishes


Please delay Leagues until after the anniversary event finishes. My faction and I are in a dead/dying region but we haven’t transferred after reading all the issues with the missing candles and cakes.


I agree with this. Seems like too many things are still acting buggy for them to drop a new feature and update that no doubt will be full of bugs.


Come on people, if you agree, please post a reply or like so Scopely sees it. There seems to be so many issues right now to be dropping another cross faction feature on top of everything.


The honest truth is. Leagues is going to be a buggy mess whether it drops next week or next month. Sure, we can avoid it being piled on top of the current issues, but I’m more of a rip the bandage off type of griever, get it over with.


come on let the league live… cant wait anymore for it


Leagues was fine in the beta. No problems. You need to understand what leagues is. It’s just another score on top of war, raids, sr, and attacking in territories. That’s it. So the only bug I encountered was crashing in territories and apparently, that’s a feature now because it’s been there for almost a year.

There wasn’t a single new thing added to the game other than a leaderboard and a new store.


Any bugs in the leader board itself? How many people have complained about cakes and candles not transferring when they transfer regions though. I just can’t trust scopely with leaderboards.

But what you are saying sounds refreshing and reassuring.


Leaderboards were fine as far as I can tell. It’s not some stupid separate app thing that fails to load. It’s in game. Menus look good. Better than our current ones. The store was full of great items but I expect them to be way overpriced when it goes live. So I expect it will take months to earn enough for a GPS for example. Expect the wait to be a lot longer to earn enough for a free 6-star toon.

The way I look at it is more rewards over time for doing the same things we do every week right now. So that’s a positive thing even though I am disappointed they didn’t come up with a new game mode to launch alongside it. Let’s face it doing the same 3 events multiple times every week has gotten so stale.

Last take away is that they are going to give out points for attacking players in territories. This is a HUGE MISTAKE. There will be no way for any small or medium faction to hold a spot for any period of time. The large factions will be attacking them non stop. No points are awarded for attacking walkers. This is a really dumb move.


we need the leagues now, and the offer of 1 dollar of 300 aniversary token


It will launch and you will be happy. Because Scopely :shushing_face::shushing_face:


All the players not receiving their rewards need to contact support with details what region ur rewards at what region u at account code etc. Im sure its just like assault, spend your faction points before transfering. Player points transfer with so u can wait


Leagues need to hurry up, no more delays


Leagues is nothing special, please stop getting all excited. :joy::joy::joy:

Yes it has a new store but best believe the items (good ones) for purchase will have a high token count :joy::joy:


Whatever you all say about leagues. It certainly is a positive cos you get a chance at buying gear, toons etc by just playing the game as you normally do. You want to spend you always can. But here your being rewarded for your daily participation and I think there’s no negative to that


totally agree :stuck_out_tongue:


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