Dekalb Region Cheating?

After 6 players were removed from dekalb region, 3 new ones arrived and have built questionable teams with low prestige. Deathball in solar flare faction is especially questionable. Not sure where or how to report this, but I hope someone sees it. Many players in our faction have come out of retirement to play the game and are spending money but losing hope as we are being pushed down in events by cheating. Please investigate if you can.

Yes someone please check into death ball. I have a very good team that he shouldn’t be able to beat, but somehow has managed too… How do you manage to beat a team of 6s with 4s lol

The a+ who defeated an s4 team was using deathball’s name and is Ali baba now in game.

this is the team who can somehow beat my s4 team

a+ kills 3 good teams before first tower falls???

Thank you for taking care of this.