Deigo combat mods + weapon setup

Hi survivors,

Recently pulled deigo from war tokens, was wondering ideal combat mods n weapon for him on atk teams.

Sharing pictures/ss would be highly appreciated.

See ya!

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I have mine set up with defence set mods, with a def, hp, def vs alert, stun resist and AP down mods.

I also use a def weapon with stun and huge AP. you dont want to increase his attack as it will cause him to trigger payback

With the red attack teams, kit the dude with hp and def mods with a defensive weapon, maybe ap down weapon or stun weapon. Give him a def against alert mods, u really only need him alive for 2-3 turns for him to rush, so go all out defense


this keep christa from one shotting him and makes it so i can clean the team with aarav. Still working on his weapon

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Wasnt ad only on yellow weapons?

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No a while back they sold that axe for like $8 a pop for a 10% chance at getting it.

A lot of people spent for it. I used to see entire teams decked out with them. This was when there were zero f2p disarms available.

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My Diego, he just needs to survive till turn 2 for me to use his rush and by turn 3 the rest of my toons are rushing

His weapon: huge bonus to ap when attacking, +30 def and stun

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Make him defensive with ‘def set’ ,def and hp mods , def vs red , stun resist, ap down mods

Wepon is
Ap when attacking
Stun on atk

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Run a quick revive toon best advise lol

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