"Definitely not" a negative "Thanks scopely" thread

I asked politely and I got my elena roadmap just so everyone knows I signed up for survivors club because you gave me this roadmap


Wow… you actually signed up for that?


haaaahaaaahaaaaaaa you made my day


Loooool …bruhhh :joy::joy::rofl:

anyways thanks for that elena map Scopely… keep doing like this!!

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Those rm’s are garbage. Waste of time. Don’t encourage more of this crap

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Thats what u do sterring up.the pot again death ops

They already had a jaifeng roadmap up

Elena was the only one I needed

Jaifeng was before Typhoon popped up. There was a day overlap but most had finished it and couldn’t reuse her as support


Hopefully they learned to have a bit more patience for the next event

No no no lol. The reasonable man would not expect the future event (of which there was no comms for) to have a new mission requirement which relied on that one character map retrospectively. Don’t be silly now


Lol, guess it takes all kinds to make the world go round and round :joy:

Oh, so they are listening to you! Could’ve asked of anything, why just Elena roadmap?
An opportunity wasted.

Or maybe you still have that magic power?

You’re a super bucket :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Reasonable man. In the same breath as discussing a decision from Scopely. You do make me chuckle.

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So as you have a direct line to Scopely, can you get them to fix territories and give us all 50 s-classes and [insert your greatest personal bug-bear here]

Thanks in advance

From The entire player base.

should at least spend 100k on coins, survivor club, tight are
scopely so nice to u and u sign up for that, that’s it?

Ummmmmm… wut?

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