Definitely been mentioned before but

The one update to the game that would make it great again, would be adding a notification when war is searching or starting that would be amazing


I believe there already is


Definitely a notification that war is starting when you aren’t in the game. Don’t really want one if ppl are searching when I’m not signed up for that war party.


Yes it’s in your settings turn it on

They should still be able to be turned on. I just turned mine off because hearing it when I’m in Class or something really got annoying

I was really hoping that you were going to say duel your own team… :wink:


Where is this war notification?

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I get war notifications, maybe it’s push notifications

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I never get one

Yeah it is push notifications, I just turned them off & I didn’t get any notification last war.

I turned on push notifications and get the war notifications now.


I didn’t know that thanks team

Now we need to work on dueling your own defense

yep exactly.Game doesn’t have one just for war.If I leave the other ones on it could be for anything in game and it’s a bummer.

Be warned it spams terry notifications too when it is on. Not sure why you can turn off and on some in game settings, but terry and war ones it’s all or nothing.

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