Defensive bonus towers this war?


How long has it been since we got towers that give a bonus to defense in war? I know a lot of people don’t like them and say they slow down the action and the war in general but i actually enjoy defending and being in competitive hard fought matches instead of just 4 minute blowouts. Maybe in the upcoming war we can get 1 or 2 towers that give a defensive bump? Just a thought


OP attack towers means more killing. More killing means more repairs. More repairs means more coins Scopely sells. I’d be surprised if we ever get defensive towers again.


I believe it’s also a psychological thing. With attack towers (in case you get them) you can actually beat much stronger teams. While with def towers weaker factions just bounce off most defenses of stronger factions (when they go against them) while equally being destroyed by more dominant factions even if they have them. Thus, I believe att towers benefit weaker factions more.

Nevertheless, I share your point that matches with def towers are more interesting strategic wise when going against equally strong factions.

But at the end I guess they are less exciting adrenaline wise. So, I guess adrenaline sells better, so we might see fewer def towers than att towers.


Don’t know why they don’t just abandon the tower bonuses completely.

Just set a basic + attack or + defence bonus to the weaker faction in every war, with the level of bonus relating to how much more powerful the dominant faction is.

Can’t be that hard to work out, can it? It’s just a basic higher level handicap like in golf, the better you are the higher your handicap. Would level the playing field somewhat. And I say this while being in the top faction in my region.