Defense turn 1 toons not using active

Ive noticed that doc nor Raven have been using their turn 1 actives, but using them on turn 2, not dazed, etc… , tested it many times, in battles and duels. Some still used them, but most didn’t, plz fix


Good they never shouldve had t1 active skills to begin with


Yea let’s make all Toons the same right, make them all exactly equal…

Not very friendly

Your reply was so nice, sorry


Fixed or nah?

It was a known issue with beta update and they force pushed to update out live anyway.

It actually doesn’t affect solely all turn 1 actives, but it seems like all characters have their AI use their actives 1 turn later than they normally would.

Eg: Maxed our James/Christa tend to use their AR turn 2, it’s pushed back to turn 3 as well.

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I’m really enjoying it tbh :joy::joy:


Of course they did there was money linked to the update and that matters more than it working right.


And of course we know all how it goes when u mention fix stuff, but I guess silent treatment is better than being epstein’d :unamused:

Back to f’ the players again smh

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