Defense team help

Out of he following 7 charcters, which 5 are the best for a defense team - Lydia, Magna, Hunter, Yvette, (revive) Tyrese, (shield) Jesus, MacKenzie

Lydia lead, Magna, Jesus, Mackenzie, Tyreese

Hoewver, I do feel like this is kinda more of a flex post…

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No it isn’t a flex post. Don’t have Jesus and Mackenzie (have the other 5 though) and wondering if i should try pulling for them to upgrade the team.
Thanks for the input!

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Lydia lead, shield Jesus, Mackenzie, hunter, magna.

Why Hunter over Ty?

Full revive stall is easily beaten. You should add a bit of counter attack.

Lydia, magna, rom/mich, tyreese, Yvette

I just like hunter lol

all i have are hunter and yvette #flexin lol