Defense team Build help

Thank you for the help

Jacki Lead
Mod and craft her enough to tank her and her skills are exactly the same as an S class Jacki. Only 6star where this is the case I think. She is the best defence lead you have in there (she is very meta atm).

She will give you focus to prevent confuse and taunt by T2. Her AR is reasonably hard hitting and also impairs. She also has an ap down gun so can be pretty annoying on a defence.

6 star Ap Doc Stevens
With a command and Jacki lead he will be going off against most attacks on T1

Command Maggie (or command Rick when you S class him but he won’t benefit from Jackis lead)
Mainly to make sure Doc ARs T1 but will also speed up other toons on later turns. Make sure both Doc and Maggie have good stun resists as most attack teams tend to run stun resists for Mercer defs not confuse resists so one common way of dealing with Jacki leads are to attack with a Mercer lead to delay the defence for a turn.

5th toon is tricky as aside from moderate Erin damage there is no real damage in this team so whilst I would usually suggest a Rosita on defence (ideal if you have a couple of 4th slot yellow heal weapons), it might be better if you go with Hengyen for the damage, bleed and control or Tyler for the pure damage - means Doc is powering up a worthwhile AR.

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Would also maybe suggest an Angel-Doc(ap)-Command-Priya-Kenny defence too or replace Kenny or Priya with Princess when you get her S classed.

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Try a ; Angel lead with rosita, frost ,Tyler, Slater.