Defense or HP stats?


Would like to know what is better stat defense or HP? intel on formula of HP and defense will be great…


Defense reduces damage taken, and also AP gained from taking damage.

Health increase doesn’t reduce either, and is cheaper to add to a weapon in the armory, but is considered less valuable for survivability.


In general defense > health


Any record of that? even my experience says that but need some proof of it…


Without good defense, people will hit your 3k health toons for 3k, compared to 500-1000 with rushes


Pretty much def all day long, I only have 1 wpn with +HP, for Romanov Blowtorch 30%HP/DEF

*Edit: Lies, have 2, Dwights club (obv who that is for and why it is needed lol)


Otis? Gotta survive to show off that practiced swing


Should I feel bad that I use him to cannibalize himself for quick AR pts, where needed in faction lv ups? :rofl:


Anope. That’s his only use.

I do it too :stuck_out_tongue:


…I’m now seeing these 3* portraits in a new light!
They’re not looking all grim (well most) because of the walkers, its because of players making them cannibals!
Exception being like Craig all smug, cos I pretty much never get dupes of him so pretty much cannibal free, compared to Axel LOL


I’m abit late to the convo but buffs are stackable so hp lead with hp weapon is preferable to hp lead with def weapon. Base x leader buff = y. Y x weapon buff = total hp. In sheer numbers I vote hp for an hp lead.




def But hp cant be debuffed with - buffs


Maim doesn’t count?


It does, and to a lesser degree, heal reduction as well.


I was going to mention both, but HR didn’t seem quite the same.

But I do agree.