Defense not correct, Verteidigung falsch

Ich habe festgestellt das die Verteidigung der chars die sich individuell defense Stellung befinden falsch berechnet werden.
Wenn ein char in defense Stellung geht bekommt er vom System 50% wenn dann ein defense buff auf diese chars fällt ob Schild oder Befehl wird die defense auf 163% angehoben, was viel zu hoch ist.
Ich habe diesen Fehler schon vor Wochen an den support geschickt ohne das sich etwas getan hat.

I have found that the defense of the chars that are individually defense position are calculated incorrectly.

If a char goes in defense he gets 50% of the system if a defense buff falls on those chars. If shield or command is raised the defense to 163%, which is far too high.

I sent this bug to support weeks ago without anything happening.

It’s correct, since lydia rushed she give everyone +75% defense to all stack that on the 50% defense to the fact that shield is defending and command gets 50% def when they command someone else to rush
It goes
50% + ( 50% x 75%) + 75% = 162.5% buff

50%is the basic defense from shield or command, with buff 75% stack to only 125% defense.
Command defense is not stackable he gives all rounds 50% only.

Sorry my dirty English.

It’s how it’s been , def stacks with the buffs from adrenaline rushes in the same equation i showed you

Sie bzw Scopely meint das die Basis Schild Verteidigung sprich 50% nochmal auch um 75% dank dem Rausch von Lydia erhöht wird (37,5% Schild def Erhöhung).
So kommt man auf die 162,5% ~ 163%.
Wird komischerweise nicht immer so gehandhabt.

The support are confused from my screen.
This is not only like Lydia all buffs higher to this toons.
The toons manual gives not answer.

@FlashGordon81 ja das wird nirgends erwähnt oder beschrieben, selbst der Support wunderte sich über die Höhe der Werte und wollte die Beschreibung wann wo wie das auftritt.
Es ist natürlich schon unverschämt das die nochmal die Hälfte des buff dazu addiert bekommen.

@LadyGeek can you swing in an help us here?

% buffs from specialist skills and defending buff everything

so it would be

75% buff from Lydia
+50% Buff from defending
+50% of the 75% buff = 37.5%

75+50+37.5 = 162.5

Would just be rounded up to 163%

If it is actually meant to work like this is a different matter, but it always has. Works the same with specialist skills: indomitable, on a roll, beserker etc


Math people.

Bonuses here are stacking mulitplicative, not additive. IIRC it boils down to the category of the buff. Self-buff via swipe is in it’s own category, thus being multiplicative.


Base value of 1000 Def
1000 * 1.75 (Lydia. source rush) * 1.50 (Defense Swipe, source self) = 2625

I understood the basis, at least the mathematical formula.

But where did you get the formula and most of all it is nowhere in the German description that the buffer 150% gives all chars in defense position.?

Please forgive my dirty English.

See above.

Sounds hot…his dirty engish

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It’s the same on offense regarding weapon bonuses and leader bonuses being multiplicative, mods are just added on top. Some buff values are within the same “category” of buffs, which leads to either only be additive or overwriting other buffs from the same category (happens with heal over time for example). Some are in a different categories, those are handled multiplicative on top.

Might not change the fact that it’s terribly or to be clear pretty much not documented at all but that’s how it is.

I know, it’s learning by doing.
My school teach not English.
Your school teach German? :thinking::smirk:

No they taught spanish…however you may attempt to teach us German with your dirty english

Ok, Thx for your description @Ript0r
I will hope that is correct.
I must play with no shield, 100% f2p player.

Shields are overrated, IMHO.

You played on Winston time ago right?

Yes Winston and a little bit Tuscaloosa.