Defense Lead help

I’m trying to make a new defense using Christa since 6* seem to be getting taken out easier now that we have the free S class and was wondering if there is any leads for yellow/red besides Michelle and Donny ?

Leagues Zeke
Leagues Sandy
Shield Andrea
Red Lydia
6* or S-class Pete


Pamela is a lead for green/red and Erika is lead for ranged. I’ll try out Andrea and Ezekiel though, thank you

Camila does an awesome job as lead in defence for me despite many overlooking her as a defensive lead. It means that all my toons rush turn 3 if not controlled, gets me a good ratio and keeps me alive a decent time in War. Windowless team with 3 abs def weapons, 1 Ap down and 1 impair on def. I do have Raven though so that helps.

Edit: sorry just clocked onto the red part of the lead was only thinking of yellow. Obviously Camila won’t help red. That being said, Michelle would be just as helpful if going down the same route.

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