Defense in Champions Arena

How many people have successfully been able to set up a defense in champions arena?
Every week mine hasn’t been set to it what I set it to, despite others telling me they are able to.

I set my old school defense earlier in the week. And as all arenas were done, and still 1-2 hrs until champions arena started i went and double checked and set my old school defense again.

How is it fair that some can set their defense while others have this bug?


My has an old defense and an old game name showing.

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We must be in the wrong bucket.


from what I have seen and experienced lot’s of champions arena defences in particular are not updating properly. Not sure why this is, but personally this may be the first weekend where my defence set properly for champions.

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with all the mess they made with that interview dont expect any answers or bugs being removed anytime soon…

Yeah I’ve never been able to, I assumed it was a bug everyone was experiencing until told otherwise.

Mine was auto set too a half decent defence I have realised that you have too make it from scratch and can’t just get it from the my teams section

Some have actual defense set up. But again mine isn’t. But since people spend money on it they won’t fix it. On the other hand, for hordes…

“In light of last time around’s crashes, we do not feel yet 100% confident to run it smoothly and are doing further checks on the feature before it makes a come back.” JB

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Yeah. Me too. I have set my defense team right. Then check for attack log later, everything changes. Another chracters appears. This not funny at all

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Its not fair that some are able to set theirs.

Ive just tried setting a bunch of random characters and saving that as my defense, then saving the actual defense I want. Will let everyone know if that works.

Lol that guys word is worthless

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Not once has my defense been what I actually set. I stopped even trying.

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Hey that’s what I’m getting too. But I don’t have a revive in my team and it gets defends for days

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