Defense in champions arena not saved

Why is my defense team not being saved but others are? They have stun guns and all that and mine is a random team thrown together without weapons, i have saved my defense team multiple times :roll_eyes: anyone have this issue and know any work around?

I’m hoping it’s a visual error because it shows it as my defense but gives me the default when I look through the log

Same, i look at my logs and shows a random team but go to set my team and its the one i set. I have got quite a few defends which i dont think is possible with the random team that is thrown together so maybe its just a visual bug

I posted about this as well earlier.
Hope some devs can shed light

That’s what I was thinking is the team it shows wouldnt defend ao that lead me to believe visual glitch

Maybe it’s a feature like territory resets, mesh error and any other thing that stays for years without being fixed.

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Looking out for the latest bugs is 90% of the fun these days…

We should be getting paid for doing their quality control for them

And communication :joy:

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