Defense CarlTeam help


Carl lead Kelly and koa what should be in the last 2 slots


Magna and Jesus.


Something to actually do some damage? Unless you want to try and command/shield the opposition to death


Ok so Sandy


Probably not the best choice if you had free choice of all characters, but its a start.


It is only possible to help if we actually know what you are working with on your roster. Even kinda need to know the weapons and mods you plan on or have. Otherwise, we are just throwing out random suggestions that do not make sense.



Here my whole 6s star ascendable roster I’m know koa is getting stun resist and I only have one stun green weapon


Shiva and either Maggie or viktor. Shiva looks like she already has def mods, which is good. What are the claws like? Maggie has taunt and viktor impair. I think Maggie would be better since she is tank, but a shielded viktor might help take some of them down too. I don’t have him so not sure how well he performs

Have an ad weapon for Maggie?


I’m tyring for one and Stun on Shiva claws


What about a green ap down for Carl or Koa?


Working on it I have crappy luck


We all do, good luck with it, I hope that works out well for you.


would be better if i had a g2 or revive though


For sure it would, Zeke is great if you can get him


well with my luck i got both f2p as 6 star from anni wheel so i will probaly get him


Go for Viktor. Neutralize could be useful as a deny character.


probally use him with my huge ap stun sword


I would say shieva for damage and kelly for command.


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