Defending in arena

scopely, may i suggest a small improvement - make defending in arena earn arena points also, or maybe arena tickets randomly. right now we only get league trophies for successful defenses, its not enough incentive to trouble us with the defense aspect of the event. it also gives the players more chances to earn points


Also gives more whales to purchase tickets to remain at number 1.

Who would pay for this shit?

but you need to put up a defense for people to go against…?

I got defends & points for said defends in old school arena. I believe 34 pts. You get points for being skipped & I think the ones that say defended by with no points attached is misleading, i clicked to see what it was & it showed my team with no stamina so i take it as that is a successful atk on my team.

A good exploit is to lower your defense to an A team thus anyone attacking you get next to no points? It appears points is based on team level?

Just like the person who attacks a territory once and does not leave a team they get points and next person has to apply a team or walker it which then people complain.

You get more points by being skipped then actully defending that is strange

The points given isn’t specific to your current defense rather what you could put up i believe. Something better for defends would be nice but arena points in domination wouldn’t really work since it’s supposed to be best hit and not accumulate.

You get a small amount of solo trophies but not points.

You get 24 for being skipped, 34 for defending and 0 for losing. It’s misleading when it says you defended. It doesn’t mean you won, only that you were attacked. If you have stars it means you won.

I like a good defence, would be good to see them rewarded more in tournaments

You can skip? Lol
It literally let’s you pick who you want to attack. :joy::rofl:

Skip means you were in the list and they didn’t choose to attack you I believe

If so, that’s dumb lol. Scopely logic

I got 34 for full defenses and 24 for getting skipped in d4

It’s 24 trophies to give to players who don’t provide the most points… more of a shrug who cares decision

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