Defence Battle Arena (Facing our own defence)


Hi Scopes.

Its been brought up many times on the old forum and in game tickets. But could you shed some light here.

Most players are calling out for a defence setup feature in the game. Players buy, pull, grind for certain characters for defence. Defence is the main aspect of the game especially during war, seeing those ‘so and so defended so and so’ it brings joy and thats the only visual joy you get from it.

After a while teams get found out and you’re back to the drawing board. I lost the joy from pulling Premier recruits because I would only pull chars for defence and… i wouldn’t get to see those chars in action.

So having mentioned the above is there something in place for a defence doctor feature?

So you could place a defence in a slot… and attack it with a different team. seeing how weapons, rushes, leaders, skills work etc etc

I’m the leader of my faction, I really enjoy helping my mates defences out and sometimes they and others don’t get why certain chars are picked. Having this feature would help those players and also add more depth to the raiding aspect to the game for everyone.

Look forward to your reply.




Yes would love to see this feature :+1:t3:


I saw already much threads in the old forum but never with replies from dash or someone…


yes we wanted practice battles inside own faction atleast so we can test our friend’s defenses and give feedback but Scopely did not respond or listen numerous times its been brought up, hope this time it will change. Because now people have to leave faction to test out defenses.


I’d love to see how my team behaves in battle. Knowing what weapons could use improvement, etc. is a vital aspect in PVP.


y that would be so much interesting to see if the Time we spend on our weapon was usefull. 20 Fails sometimes for One Stat is hard…


Faction battles would be great. Right now we have to leave our faction to battle each other via raids to test teams. Its tedious.


I would enjoy this feature, and we should be able to face our faction mates teams too. :slight_smile: