Defeat A Faction Boss Candy Corn not working

Our Faction completed this candy corn mission and didnt recieve it…we did a T1…does anyone know the requirements for this ?

Is it T4 for competition or is it only the person who kills Negan …this would of course be ridiculous if the case

Anyone complete it, please report…


Only the person who kills a boss

If that’s the case then it needs to be changed. Most facs are all diff timezones. And coordinating 30 ppl to do the kill shot, just seems unnecessary. Everyone who hits takes part in defeating the boss.

Let us do assaults our own way and reward anybody who hits, regardless of when, please :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Pure scopely arrogance…


Use up all your tickets for candy corn now then you can buy more next month for the FA event that’s coming.


Lol bruh

Really? Oh no we scheduled to do it tonight…

You can’t be serious… that would mean our 29 team members have to defeat the boss 29 time… no freaking way

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Or somehow coordinate a simultaneous hit

Soo dumb

Do you get credit if you kill a mini boss? One stage? Or does it have to be negan.

Our faction has same issue. Some of us have got the completion…some didn’t. If it’s the issue of every member having to kill negan or a lower boss, that’s ridiculous!!

1stly, don’t do FA until Scopely clarify what they mean… if it is that only 1 to 4 team members can only claim then it’s not worth it. (In total their are 4 fa bosses I think)

There is rumoured to be a s7 FA coming soon and a faction event in nov from what Scopley have said, just save what u have and wait for that event.

In this game you need to start to assess is the equity (time/money/resources) worth the reward, in this case the candy cones that lead to you POSSIBLY completing a roadmap, that does something else that then gives you token to pull from a wheel that has marginal percentage of giving you an ascenable toon. If the reward doesn’t exceed the equity, then don’t do it


Amen :ok_hand::wave::+1:

There I fixed it for you :blush:

They always have tickets to purchase during a FA event, they absolutely do not want us to have foresight with saved tickets.

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My faction completed a FA and I know I did not receive any candy corn for it. If it means each person has to land a final hit on a boss that is just beyond ridiculous.

I think that’s what it is indeed and very crappy on Scopely part!

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