Def vs HP armory question

I know that Def trumps HP in a 1 for 1 comparison, but with a weapon that you can only put one or the other on, what’s the consensus when it comes stock with 30 HP? I have two mods to go. Is it better to go for 40 HP or 35 Def?

Def used to be the way to go but I find hp better now in this meta 2nd gen and mods as I use toons with bonus hp.
Toons like Lydia carl so on.

Not using proper math here just an example of how it kind of works.

So if base health is 2,000 40‰ hp gives me an extra 800 you also can get another 800 bonus hp potentially there say an extra 1600 for talks sake. Just food for thought.

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Thanks. I kind of had the same thought with Mercer and went that route but i never get to see if it’s good because he’s only defense, LOL

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Lot more defense down now too then days gone by.

Ask a faction mate to duel u screen shot or video it for you if they can.

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