Decrease Stamina Loss On Territory Defense & Increase Deterioration Rate

Territories are getting taken over x10 faster than before and most factions just aren’t getting as many rewards as they did before. I think that territories would benefit from a decrease in stamina loss(on defense) but deterioration should occur much faster. This way, you could actually keep a territory for longer than an hour but you’d still have to make an effort to keep that territory. -100 stamina damage and an increase of 100 per hour seems fair to me, especially when you factor how theirs a lot more activity in territories since the introduction of leagues.

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I like it. And you’re right, it’s happening worse. It’s constantly turning over, and it really didn’t fix a thing. If anything it’s worse, if that’s possible. I sure hope this wasn’t supposed to be the “fix.”

Scopely staff don’t care.

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