Deciding who to upgrade is hard!


I can’t decide who to upgrade to tier 3. All are 5*.Kenny,Michonne ,Tripp or Bruce. Im leaning toward tTripp cause my only 5* medic is the bald lady but I like Bruce cause I have not seen many people have him.Thoughts? (This is my first ever post)


^^ for which Michonne
Also which Bruce? Red or Blue?


A lot had Tripp before 6 stars, he’s good for a ranged team. You didn’t really specify which characters, there is blue Bruce and red Bruce , red Bruce is crap and blue Bruce is half decent, there is a lot of michonnes too and which Kenny


Yeah we need more details please :hugs:


It’s The green one. I forget the names. She stops walkers for a few turns.


It’s red Bruce and Ties that bind Kenny and Tripp


I’d go Tripp if it s a ranged team, he gives good defence and he’s a good healer.


I’ve noticed a lot of people use him. I figured he must be good.


What he said x2

Blue Kenny is a must have for Survival Road but Tripp is much better for war/raids

Camo Michonne doesn’t need T4 to be effective on world maps, roadmaps


I’ve only been playing a few months. I know I’ve got a lot to learn. Upgrading weapons confuses me a little. Someone mentioned that earlier.


It’s not very intuitive but these are the basics

  • upgrade your armory ASAP
  • you will need level 20 eventually for the tier 3 upgrades
  • end game upgrades are Stun (Alert), Absolute Defense (Fast) there are multiple green and blue upgrades that are good.
  • save your duct tape and polish kits for 4* weapons
  • never use Duct Tape or Polish kit on a 3* weapon, always 4* only!
  • Focus on upgrades like Defense, Attack, Hit Points at lower levels

there is so much more, but the best mindset to have on the weapons is patience, planning and luck.


There’s a wikia page somebody created and it explains everything about weapons and how to get what you want. Hope that helps.


I think my armory is 18 . I wasn’t sure what to do so I just keep it constantly researching. Thanks for the guidance.


I don’t know exactly what toons you are referring to, but I always upgrade toons based on my weaknesses. If you need a ranged leader, upgrade Tripp. If you have trouble with zombies, Camo Michonne is great. You can also upgrade based on your weapon strengths. Good luck.


Definitely upgrade Tripp; he’s the best toon in the game right now. :slight_smile:


Difficult to tell u ur best option without seeing all of your 5* Toons and 4* Weapons.


Seriously though; I’m telling the truth. Tripp helps a lot on Survival Road. If it wasn’t for his status clear, I wouldn’t have been able to beat Legendary Survival Road. Use him on Walker stages with status alignments.


When I first started playing. I picked my team based on matching their outfits. :smiley:I’ve come a long way.


You’re the real mvp.


You’re doing great, in my old region I was slow on armory upgrades.

The main idea for weapons is have a plan

For example Legendary Zeke, he is good with many types of weapons
Absolute Defense is great for him (Defender level 3) or 8% AP to all (Raider level 3)

If you don’t have either weapon, I would go Absolute Defense first, and with Zeke you want crit, so do his weapon on a +30 Crit weapon instead of a +30 defense pick etc…

The other key to remember is level 3 special upgrades only work on the 3rd slot of a weapon. If you put Huge AP when attacking on a weapon in the 3rd slot for example, now you cannot get Absolute Defense or Stun etc…