December offer....?

Will there be one or was the November offer that bad that monthly offers are just scrapped altogether, or did I miss the December offer because I’m so used to just closing the spam offers?

Repeat October offer if needed :wink:

I hear that the December offer will be a single piece of t4 gear for your 6 star for the low price of…


No news huh?

Maybe the new event Christmas toons ,like Shiva Force only 1 to free players an the rest of toons go to premier pull :sweat_smile:

Second straight month of not buying the offer.

Let’s go back to October Offer .

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@Phoenix May I ask where you’re from?

My December offer has a price tag of $14.99. I’m playing on an iPad, which I know is generally associated with higher spenders than Android, so it’s kind of weird to see a different price using the same currency.

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Mine also is 14.99$ and I use Android.

Canada ;-). (iOS)

It’s USD converted to CDN, the $13.99 Offer costs $9.99 literally right across the Detroit River.

Unrelated, do you ride a moose to work?

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Only when my dog sled team is in the shop :wink:


That sounds like a magical place.

What the actual fuck?


December offer 2? And three in stock??

I don’t believe we can charge over 100.00 but I could be wrong?

You on Android?


iOS and Canadian

It’s the exchange rate from usd to CDN

5 Benny’s or 39 3*s and a Gregory? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:

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The December Offer gave me a good chuckle, thanks Scopely. :grinning:


It’s honestly starting to feel like Scopely is trying to add more fuel to the dumpster fire, Players want better rewards…? Let’s turn up the suck. Oh, I see the October offer sold quite well, let’s crank the price.

I’ve been trying to stay positive with the game, I’m more neutral than anything now. I just don’t care.

Scopely has abandoned us, I believe @kalishane is taking our concerns and issues to whoever will listen but they just don’t care.

The last month alone I’ve seen the Albert Wei letter to the players mentioned 100+ times and we still haven’t heard a word from this guy since July.

Leadership by example.


Exchange rates.

I am quite commonly charged $149 for the ‘better’ offers.

December offer is a straight up rip OFF.

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