Decatur Region Tom Foolery


Hello everyone,

I heard there was some Tom Foolery afoot on the forums about my region. This is one reason I joined the forums. I wanted to stay up to date with the happenings of my region and other regions, especially during times of CRW.

With that being said, if anyone knows about any of minsinformation that may be spread about the Decatur region, the great Wolfpack or myself please share it so we can put all of the drama behind us. Because I am Decatur I want to solve any problems that may have arisen.

I am offering google cards to those from my region for information leading to whoever has been starting rumors!


Just sell your account Bill, wp just went to crap.


lmao! p.s. true blood was bad


How did Wolfpack go bad? I’m still in it.


I don’t feel like I should even justify this with a reply but since it’s still Halloweenish and I’m a vampire I’m feeling generous.

I disagree.


You don’t make a difference, going from faction number 1 to 22 means it went to crap


Ha! Ha! I gloat at your foolishness. Anything I am a part of is fantastic.


If you say so


This is exactly the behavior I am dealing with. I am glad I have ousted you myself.


Hahaha Tom foolery… You crack me up


Hey Wolfpack haters! We were #UNDEFEATED in wars this weekend. AGAIN!


You suck.


:no_entry_sign: Let’s keep it civil.