Decatur Needs Punching Bags


We have bubbly personalities and awesome memes. Spots 3 and lower and filled by noobs and a retired faction. Easy rewards to soak up, but you better not be a number one faction coming to take over.


Straight up and honest. I like it lol


Oh my (7chars)


I’m interested.


you guys are strange


Who you calling strange when you have a name like bigbubba


As it is written in the scripture of Parinese…

Join now for a history lesson about our beloved demigod.


G.O.A.T. Man


what’s wrong with my name? well, yours is just gibberish.


At least mine doesn’t make me look 5, and I’ll take looking like a 9 year old over a 5 year old any day pal


that doesn’t even make any sense but ok


Children these days


PS: A sense of humor is required. Any sticks in asses around Decatur are purely for pleasure. And please don’t wear white socks with sandals.


You’d think with as much as these turds like to argue on the forums they’d jump at the chance to fight us, but nope.

Troll or be trolled noobs, gitgud.


Ignore him he’s in one of those noob factions I mentioned. You however seem like you’d be a great fit for dogs of war, they love stupid names. Also noobs.


nah, I’ve been playing for like 3 weeks.
i’d get smoked if i joined your region.


We also need some punching bags but sadly Scopely is using us as a punching bag and not opening our region.


You used to be so nice :kissing_heart:


You might be surprised.


Can I come too