Decaps are needed to balance the game!

Firstly I know there are some decapate toons but nothing compared to how many revives there are that’s why we need more

The decaps we have right now is:
Alpha green (semi free to play as she is ring based)
Wayland yellow
Sandy red
Ty blue FTP

If you know any more post below
Now there is a drought of decaps and luckily I have some ideas.

The first is yellow sawyer becoming ascendable as he has a stun weapon on attack which is interesting to say the least and would be a good toon to use.

The second one would be red decap Abraham as he was a fun decap toon to use and giving him a stun on defence weapon made him a beast on attack.

Finally green sawyer I know he has an execution ability but decap could be his upgrade for his 6* plus he could be the heavy hitter with his chainsaw and a combo with alpha could be interesting with a grouped attack.

We also need a pay to play decap is there isn’t one (that I know of)

Share your ideas if you have some in the comments and your opinions on this situation, the more the merrier! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d take any decap at this point. I like the idea with Sawyer,I’d prefer i the green was made ascendable with decap and had a chainsaw with stun maybe.

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You are missing Chris. He’s a green decap. But decap, disarm, revive and shield are their biggest moneymakers. I doubt we see many more f2p decaps. Maybe one, certainly not three.


Wait what!? She’s probably the best out of the 4 6* decaps lol

or just stop releasing so many op toons
i remember 4 star era it was more balanced but i know that wont happen

She’s 100% f2p in every token wheel and 5* tokens can’t get more f2p then that.


Yes I agree but if you think about it they would make money out of making these decaps as they are highly needed in every attack team and without one in your team with certain teams you you have lost before the fight has even started.

I have all the decaps besides Chris and sandy is definitely by far the best for sure.

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Yes I agree but for me and a large amount of player we haven’t been lucky enough to get her.

I don’t have one decap at all but the only character I do have how is useful is disarm Bruce.

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That’s true I only got her a couple weeks ago but she is definitely f2p just like every toon Mira Carl ty it all just takes time.

A lot a grinding is also required and for me i have enough to buy ty or Eric from supply depot as both of them are highly needed and benificial for my teams.

Decap ain’t balancing nothing, you know damn well which specialist is the one that will open up more possibilities for folks

She is f2p but not easily accessible need some luck to pull her from any wheel… should have been a museum event. F2p for life tho

I think it’s inevitable they’ll release the original 4 decaps into wide use soon. Especially as the meta seems to be shifting again and a new cycle of decaps (Chris) appearing. Much like how Erika is common now that Lydia is out

No ascendable is easily accessible unless you have a guaranteed chance of getting one. Alpha is 100% free as stated above, all ascendables are gonna be rarer than 5 star characters (unless of course like I said they are guaranteed).

Where is Erika availble besides these rng wheels?

Just cause the toon doesnt show up in your inbox doesnt mean that it isnt f2p, alpha is free even tho you havent got her. So i can say tyreese is p2p/p2w cause i dont have him yet, you see how silly that is lol yes more decaps are needed, maybe a choose your side decap event


She’ll be available soon since she is basically unusable now on defense.

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Js… #burnmickey