Decapped toons being revived

oops sorry. Long day at school.

Yeah. he sows the head back on.

Maybe Ajax has a crosshair resist mod on… aka Garrett’s Kevlar turtleneck

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Are you sure it wasn’t just a visual glitch? I’ve had twice this week where I killed a toon and it popped back up again after 2 turns but wasn’t able to be attacked and didn’t perform any actions. After I finished the rest of the team off, the “revived” toons stayed standing but I got the victory.

He acknowledged that in an earlier reply… The reply that stated it was Lance’s active that caused the error.

I am the headless horseless gator aid

crosshairs is full decap

Also he does nothing at all its stand up bug

Just going to point out that the poor guy probably didn’t know it was going to happen and I don’t think he would be recording randomly so a picture is the best thing we are going to get

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Think its a visual bug from Lance. Fought a team with him in it. Killed all then 2 rose from the grave and a shiny “Victory” flashed on my screen. GG.

Edit: All toons were decapped.

Acknowledged my mistake 3 posts later, but appreciate the correction. Just need a couple more people to point that out before it sinks in :grinning:

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Crosshairs is full decap… only one more person left.

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Isn’t there a decap resist mod now?

Crosshairs is full decap

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Now you should be good :smile:

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Just as bad as christa rushing while confused

New skill that revives a decapped toon as a walker

Not the same thing at all. Christa with focus SHOULD rush when she’s confused. It’s how focus is supposed to work.

What if Christa or anybody else is already confused then they get focus from someone else… shouldn’t they still be confused since they were already confused before the focus was applied? I’ve seen them still use their AR in this scenario.

Nope, but if the confuse outlasts the focus she will be confused.

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