Decapitate Sandy(Red)


Just wondering if she’s worth pulling for. I want to replace Tyreese very soon


She’s better against greens, and her rush usually kills any1 who she targets. ( potential 4 attacks)


I hope she appears on 2x chances


Unlikely, they skipped over her for konrad. Re-promos usually come in order of release. If the toon is lucky enough to get a 2nd promo.

Still waiting for Mackenzie’s 2nd promo


I think Scopely forgot about Mackenzie


Love her. Super bad ass toon and much help against Lydia teams.

Needs proper support though cause she folds easily.


Be wary she is susceptible to being killed by reflect dmg when using her AR. Has happened to me many of times. But I still would say she is a solid toon.


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