Decap strong alpha

Is there any place where there is a chance to pull decap alpha or can you ascend for her


No… she decaped herself so nobody can find her anymore since she became usless ages ago


Lol I still have her 6* version, helps greatly on Walker stages in SR.


Alpha command and diego combo is still viable vs no payback teams…


and no Christa or kaproo teams

christa farts and alpha is dead


Most likely 2 r dead rn lol

I still use alpha with diego against some still useful not sure how much longer tho

Just put a shield…

christa has focus active skill remember

U all act like alpha is nothing. Using diego glenn is 2 stun clubs. Hit christa 2 times stun her and then you win. Shes still viable if you ABSOLUTELY need a dmg dealer with no other real options

Shes still good? If ur serious i might test tht team out she is a fun ass toon lol.

Paybacks are a huge hindrance to that team.

Try diego alpha Glenn lilly ajax. It still works surprisingly well 3 stun clubs and a stun shield gives a few windows of opportunity

Girls don’t fart so Alpha will be okay

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