Decap Chris - good or bad?

Just got him, he’s gen 1 so he’ll soon be unusable. But is he currently any good?

Well I’d love to have him, so jelly

No 6* decap is unusable


duh… why such a question. useless sell him to depot

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Past his time rip

I’ll take him off your hands if you don’t want him lol


Yea he’s good lol… he could possibly rush twice in 1 turn w a command


I mean, dude, gen 1 legendaries will remain usable for a long, long time. They’re only behind gen 2s by, what, 200 combined stat points? You can easily make that difference up with mods, it barely even enters the equation. Just see whether you can slot him into any team and make decisions off of that.


I just got him too. I’ve been studying his unusual AP generating RNG wep (+35% chance). The only way I could see him work well is behind a leader who gives huge AP bonus (e.g. Alice or Camilla). I think ideally he works behind Camilla with other yellows holding +8% weps to guarantee a turn 3 rush but as long as his wep procs 1x during his first two normal attacks, he should rush with everyone else in round 3. He definitely hits a lot harder than alpha so I think he’s going to be more useful in the long run. At some point, alpha isn’t going to be effective at killing the gen 2 6 stars so I’m happy I got him.


I rely on Alpha alot on my green Attack team and Chris seems like a better alternative. Higher defense stat will make him last longer than Alpha and Attack buff active lasts 2 turns and ap gain on weapon is useful.

Cons- attacks only 1 toon and breakup of attack hurts against indomitable.

Wish i had one

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Definitely use able but i think you knew that :wink:


I like him he’s great against Lydia teams. When used with Bruce.

Simple answer yes.
Advise level him up as fast as you can.
Use a stun mod his ar goes of every other round once it starts. If you have bruce your flying.
Any decap/disarm/shield or revive toon will always help you.


8% Ap on a yellow and replace the special with 35% bonus atk when > 60%

too bad I don’t have Camille

Use alice and run a off trait yellow. Should be adequate.

too bad I love my harper with stun as it is…hehe

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