Debate time! Who is stronger?

Hello forums! It’s that time of the hour again, debate time! Who do you think is stronger, Maxed 6* Hollyimage

Parker. Please debate in the comments below.


How are parkers stats when maxed?


Couldn’t max him out cause I ran out of Adens but here he is!


The real question is who is stronger

  • Holly
  • A turd :poop:

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Sorry, I wasnt impressed with Holly this past war. She was buried deep behind a shield. Once you took the shield away, she turned to mush. No evasion.

Having said that, I have a slighty used, fully leveled Holly I will sell real cheap. I need the roster space.

It’s funny everyone rushed to get her and she is trash in battle lol lol

2 star Ray

In my defense, I didn’t “rush”, I waited the obligatory 24 hours. lol

I love my Holly on att. With Carl lead she pops early then elusive really helps. No worries about revives triggering. Plus guardian 2

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Seems a bit hit and miss on def but her mods aren’t the greatest

Parker would win in a knife fight. Holly wasn’t very impressive in the comics.

In RTS Holly gonna destroy his ass.

Someone’s doing it right =-)

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Lol on the votes for this :joy::joy::joy::man_shrugging:

Question, is the 2* being used by a Russian troll? Bc I can tell u it’s the 2* for sure if so.

Damn. I wish i would’ve got holly. I didn’t see her being used correctly this last war. I had perfect mods and defenses for her ready but, scopely didn’t want to give her to me no matter what i spent

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240 pulls got b Carl 2 b Laura’s b hunter and a b Garrett. Almost broke my phone in half oh and a blue zeke yet no holly. It was certain much pain Scopley Gave me

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I can relate, 2 carls, zeke, mackenzie, 2 aiko, some more bullshit no holly 200+ pulls

Well I’d have to go Parker

Lol we love this

Yet ppl say paying 50-75 for Andrea maxed is crazy…