Death sound for Tough Clem


Am I the only one who’s bothered by the fact that the sound that Tough Clementine makes is identical to the one that the other Clementine makes, even though they have like a 6 year age difference?


First thing I did was turn off all sound.


not like they have many sounds to do and probably don’t feel like making more for charaters


Can’t remember what 3* Carl it is but they are killed one makes a female death sound effect


lol obviously scopley works hard on there 4 and lower toons


no matter what it is even death sounds


i forget what this game even sounds like lol. going on three years already that its been muted :smirk:.


I forgot to turn my volume down after watching a video the other day and was reminded why I kept my phone muted since I started playing this game. :joy: