Death doubloon bug collecting



Player name: Vicky
Region: Washington
Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab A
OS version: Android 7.1.1
Game version:[279-14]

On 7th of february I logged in and tried to collect my dayly doubloon but, as soon as I tapped the “claim” button, the game froze for few seconds and then restarted. I tried several times, but each time was happening the same.
I left it there and continued playing, thinking it might come around meanwhile and also to check if the game is working on other areas.
I finished the Ultra rare roadmap, I hit the 1.250.000 milestone on levelup event and the game worked fine. Then I went back to try and get the dubloon and it happened exactly the same. Every time I was trying to collect the dubloon, game was restarting and rolling back at the point before opening the “offers” tab.
I filed a ticket to the support team, explaining what is going on and asking for support on fixing the issue. After several messages, they said they checked my account and it shows I collected all my doubloons, but this is not true. I understand that the system shows that, but on 7th of february my doubloon expired without me being able to collect it and this can be proved if all (system, recruits and rewards, inventory) would be checked.

I live in Europe, so at this time here is Sunday, 11th february, 11:47 am and at this time, even if the system shows that i collected 11 doubloons, you will see that my account’s “recruits and rewards” shows that i only collected 10 rewards (instead of 11) and i have no doubloon left in my inventory, all this due to the missing doubloon that the system show as collected, but i wasn.t able to collect.

Hopeing that you will be kind enough to help me solve this issue,

Thank you in advance!


I’m a little bit confused it says you were collected 10 technically you’re really short one are you saying you’re not getting the items but it’s giving you check mark saying that you did.
Cuz I got to say looking at that picture it looks like you collected 10 items


Mine as of today


No, I collected 10, but I should have collected 11, as it was 11 of february where I live. I wasn.t able to collect the doubloon for 7 of february, as the game was freezing and restarting every time I was trying to collect it, untill its last second. Once it expired and the doubloon for 8 of february became available, it didn.t happen again.

In the response to my ticket, they said the system shows them that I collected all the doubloons, but the system shows wrong, so I attached the picture with the rewards collected untill 11 of february included, to prove that even if the system shows that i collected 11 doubloons, I have only 10 rewards and no other doubloon in my inventory. Meaning that I only had 10 doubloons at that time, not 11 as the system shows.


I understand now Vicki.
The good thing is there’s 5 extras so you’re still in the game for getting that free character


Here is the proof i really am one doubloon short. I made a movie that shows the following:

  • today is 14.02.2018, past 3 pm;
  • there is no free doubloon, as i collected the one afferent to 14 feb;
  • there are 13/23 rewards collected, instead of 14;
  • there is no doubloon left in my account to use for the 14th reward.

All this meaning that even your logs show that doubloon as collected, it never got in my account.


I am very dissapointed on how the support team do their work.
After 8 days of ping-pong with messages through ticketing system, in which they kept saying that the logs show them that i collected all the doubloons and there are no discrepances on my account, after i wrote to them even 2 hours before the doubloon from 7th february expired asking them for support as it will soon expire and i still can.t collect it, after i wrote to them AFTER it expired, telling them i wasn.t able to collect it because of that bug, after i sent them the movie that shows i am one doubloon short as they kept saying i collected all the doubloons … they came with this answer: they checked again and i really am one doubloon short, but it.s because i forgot to collect the 5th of february doubloon. Oh really? I did collect the 5th of february doubloon, i didn.t collect the 7th, as the game wouldn.t let me all day long. The exact reason i opened that ticket on 7th of february. Or do they want to imply that i wrote a ticket telling them … oh gosh, i have a doubloon on my free offers tab, but i keep forgetting to collect it, so help me do it?! Really, not even the correct date?! Even after i wrote to tell them that it.s about to expire and still can.t get it?!
I hope i will never need their support again for as long as i will play this game!
Oh … and many thanks to the staff that was so kind to read this thread and help me solve the issue. Quotes included, of course …


Lol welcome to $copely.