Dear Scoply please

Can you make the game more fun? You said the October update was gonna make the game more enjoyable, but once you complete the last world map stages the game becomes stale again, plus the prizes for tournaments are still awful. Please make the prizes better for all ranks because I only contribute for the Halloween tokens then stop because the prizes aren’t worth it.

How about adding toon prizes again for all ranks, 5* tokens, coins, and weapons. Lower ranks get at least a decent 4 or 5* toon, and higher gets the better exclusive toon as always. Also can you please expand player town so we have more to do…

Yay instead of a 0.001% chance at the toon in the top 1000 box I’ll just get a 1* Gerald

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Lol I didn’t say 1*. Don’t you know how to read? I said 4* or 5* for lower ranks.

Why would anyone ever want or need a 4 star toon other than to complete a museum collection?


Lots of people collect them either cause they look cool or they’re setting up their own collection.

I think they should get rid of the muesum and bring back toon rewards in roadmaps or at least 5*tokens read rewards in roadmaps and rush/active trainers as reads in roadmaps.

As far as the 4* toons only thing they good for us lvling up to ascend for random 5* or feeding to 5*&6*.

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For the depot points :man_shrugging: 4 stars are garbage

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