Dear Scopley, please take the time to consider removing useless 4* from S-class recruits

4*s are useless, common, a waste of coins and real money. They have no function whatsoever in defense teams and they’re essentially fodder for trainers. Considering a pull is 250 coins (valued around 4 bucks) it is extremely expensive (odds are terrible too!) yet getting worthless ‘ultra rare’ four stars is very common. Overall, it’s just holding me back from actually investing my money for a 10/40 pull. You can get 4 stars from Ultra Rare recruits and Basic Rewards, we don’t need them in ‘S-Class Recruits’. Please consider getting rid of 4 stars from S-Class recruits. Anyone with me?


any thing in the wheel is a waste of coins other than the promo sclass or there cards


cynically speaking, the point of those 4* in the wheel is to keep people buying coins and making pulls.

If you managed to convince scopely to make the reward chances decent, they would insist on each pull costing 10k coins and start selling 100k coin packs for 99.99 (probably more)


Is that real

99.99 is the price for 8.2k coins. Didn’t you want to write 999.99?


this is probably a more accurate price tag :laughing:

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Thatlll never happen, have to keep it rigged carnival style

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That’s how they get you tho

Unfortunately I have to agree. I used my saved-league coins on a 40 pull and managed to get the ascendable melee Princess that I couldn’t get when she was relevant. I can’t say that I’m all that happy because she is no longer relevant. At least she was better than the 4s, and even the standard 5s which will all end up going toward the 8 needed to ascend something else that may not be relevant unless it is a “max two THEN get the useful toon” character.

Aside from a very few exceptions like AR Doc, even 6*s are no longer useful aside from SR levels.

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mele princess was never relevant

No but shes hot so thar counts for something right?

One word for you pal. Mirabelle :rofl:

But the 5* version… once you ascend her, she’s nowhere as hot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They totally designed her outfit after Elvira

Who’s Elvira?

Uhhh… Just Google it?

Elvira is kind of a deep cut anyway :rofl:

Googled it:) Not much of a similarity with Mirabelle, but I guess I finally know who Simpsons are parodying with the Booberella :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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