Dear Scopely: Suggestions for Improvements in an Sclass era

Dear Scopely,

Today we’re here to bring a sincere list directly to the attention of you, Scopely. This list is created by the community of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. We are players of all classes - from free to play to various levels of spenders - and we are standing together to plead for positive changes to the game and to you specifically, Scopely, as our concerns and issues continue to rise.

We have had a lot of changes to the game since a thread like this last arose. Some things were addressed, some weren’t and new issues have come to light. This is why this is so important to us.

- Critical issue #1
There are a number of critical issues for players at the moment and one of the biggest ones is the bottleneck on gear. As the rate of S classes grow, many are experiencing issues obtaining gear to level said toons.

- Critical issue #2
Another critical issues is how region transfers are being handled. Players both want and deserve the right to travel between regions of their choosing, like before.

- Critical issue #3
And lastly on the critical list is the lackluster rewards. The incentive to fight has been lost to many players as they don’t feel the rewards justify the effort. Rewards should be fun and/or enticing and these are not.

The following list below has been compiled by the community. This list is of our concerns, needs and wants along with a list of recommendations as well.

- Ascendance medals shortage
Both silver and gold Ascendance medals are in high demand. This demand increases daily with the growing rate of S classes.

- Scavenger camp missions
This is extremely outdated and in need of an update or overhaul. Using these as a possible way to get ascendance medals would be great as well.

- Gear marker depot
Gear marker depot should be revisited. Gear has become extremely bottlenecked with the introduction of S class as mentioned above. We could use better additional gear here like 6* gear, a revisit on prices and possibly how many can be purchased.

- Gear roadmaps
Bring back specific gear farmable maps for 4 star and 5 star gear. Also it is time a 6* gear map is brought to the game.

- Daily roadmaps
Some daily roadmaps like food, material and ascendancy roadmaps.

- Prestige rewards
Prestige rewards have become extremely outdated; it’s not useful to growing players.

- Faction weekly missions
We would like to see these added back into the game.

- Faction tournament brackets
1st, 2nd and 3rd place brackets should remain the same, the rest of the following brackets need to be revisited with a better tiered reward structure. More than 1st and 2nd should receive a collection box.

- Faction tournament rewards
Faction rewards should be more appealing to encourage group play. The collection boxes given should be a choice collection box and be as up to date with collections as current velvet cake boxes.

- Solo tournament brackets
1st, 2nd, and 3rd should be separated. Brackets beyond that should be revisited with a better tiered structure for rewards.

- Solo tournament rewards
The collection box given for solo tournaments should be a choice collection box and as up to date with the collections as current velvet cake boxes. More brackets should receive collection rewards.

- Tournament equalization
1st Solo level up gives 2000 collectibles.
1st Survival road only gives 1000 collectibles.
It should give 2000 the same as solo level up.

- Monthly Daily login rewards/event
Something that starts at the beginning of a month and ends at the end of the month.

- Seasonal Events
We would like season events to be more meaningful and rewarding. Halloween event wheel was very disappointing with trainers.

- Events
We would love to see more fun engaging events like the Pathways event that brought both solo and faction engagement.

- Territory Events
Territory Events should utilize all 10 territory zones for special events (Velvet cake example) so that more factions can benefit from these special events.

- Roster blockage
Players rosters have been beyond blocked by double and nearly triple the number of the current average roster cap.

- Training grounds
Training grounds needs to be revamped. 2s are barely leveling 6s let alone S class now.

- Town Hall and buildings

- Town size

- Greater communication
We would like more active communication from Scopely to the community. Possibly a Q/A thread ran to answer daily questions and issues which may help to clear up threads on these issues.

- In-game information
We would like a way to be provided valuable information in-game directly to players without the hassle and search of other platforms for critical information and updates.

- Functional development
We know bugs and mistakes happen. But far too many have been happening recently. 5 major issues over 10 days that had an impact on players experience, Many of which aren’t addressed properly leading to further communication issue.

[Edited in suggestions/feedback by popular request]
this is a living document that is subject to changes and edits based on feedback from the community

- War depot
This would be a new featured depot to use the new permanent War Tokens. You would be able to use these tokens aside from the War wheel for various useful war related items like war cans, mods, 6* gear, trainers and choice box collectibles. This is a great alternative to those not needing what is in the war wheel.

- War crates
The community would like the 20 blues keys to be switched to support multiple S class collections beyond just limited to S class Pete.

- League Tokens
Another solution to help the gear crisis would be to increase the amount of league tokens received from leagues and milestones.

- Red velvet cake collection
We would like more free to play friendly options for red velvet cake collections in the museum.

- S class collectibles
All S class items should be available to all players at any time. Not by Scopely selection.

- 6star wheel
6star tokens for a 6star wheel. The number of S class characters is growing, but players still need a way to catch up and be able to compete.

It’s our duty as players to speak up if we want change. We ask that you, Scopely, listen to and address these concerns, as well as, further suggestions that players may make in this thread.

We are passionate. We are reasonable. We do love this game and we want to work with you to make a better game for both of us, the community and your company. We wish to work with you so that the game can thrive, and that benefits both us.

We wish to be respected and heard as well as responded to so our issues and concerns can be addressed and discussed.

Sincerely, The community.


Totally agree, everything needs redone


This is maybe thought with selfishness as many didn’t claim Pete yet


Skip the velvet cake and blue keys and just give us choice boxes. Easy fix


Man, the basic gameplay, like enter arena or run active skill from toons in a raid are BROKEN. I agree 100% with those improvements but Scopely can’t even provide basic gameplay experience.


I think The red velvet cakes can be used with various toons to get a choice box and pick keys if you want or whatever other collectible you need. They are alsio available other ways than war crate drop. I think choice boxes are better because people can choose what they need then.

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Yeah because the toons they put everyone has them

Velvet cakes are only good if they also adjust the toons for a wider range of people to be able to collect on those.

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Yes I agree

This is also a great idea. These positive suggestions and ideas are what I’d love to see here and what I’d like Scopely to see as well. I’m more than ok with this.


I can see how it can be seen that way, but many have already obtained S class Pete and wish for a more helpful alternative to it. Velvet cakes is just a recommendation, another posted here is that it’s a choice box which would be great as well. I just worry how frequently the choice box would be updated in the war crates.

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Actually what Scopely should do when it comes to S Class items is to make all available to all players at any time. People play at various levels, they started at different times hence progress is different.

If we look into the future where we might have 50 plus S Class it is impossible to see the current system work. Instead implement a universal S Class token so instead of rewarding X amount of a given specific item, grant same amount of tokens and allow players to INDIVIDUALLY exchange these for the items they need.
It could be done via some sort of new stock exchange in the game (since museum seems to have a cap and also isn’t reallly designed as a stock exchange)

Some might need keys, some need cake and some need peace :wink: if we only focus on what advanced players want or need, those new or not so advanced will just drop further down the drain.

And lots still need keys for Pete. Don’t take the post as a desire to cater for certain players / it’s was simply us not thinking about every little thing. The input is valid and much appreciated :wink::wink:


Totally agree! Although this week is obviously a bad week to ask, considering the screw ups this week alone. Its a headache. But very well said, this hit every concern I had! Good job! I hope they see this and take it to the team! FA needs a massive update. All the game needs work. Can’t wait to see how this 5* armory works out! It ought to be hilarious. They are so out of touch with how the players feel. They can’t sympathize with us, because they can’t understand us. They ought to quit coming out with things until they catch up on some of the bugs and broken at hand. Id be happy if they just fixed what was wrong atm.

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Was something I suggested an a previous post that Scopely never listened too. The whole set up of 7*s should of had specific collectable items which was related to toon Trait (fast, tough, alert, strong). Then it would only require 4 items instead of multiple different items for choice boxes.

I do not understands at the planning stages of 7* (S-Classes) that this was not realised

I’m pretty certain this was realized. They don’t want people to get the newest toon immediately for free. If you want the newest stuff, you have to pay, over time things filter down to F2P. Shard systems often/usually work like this.

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Great condensed list of important aspects that need to be addressed!

Thank you @Sawyer_Northman

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What I suggested would minimise that still but more efficiently. Scopely has control of what rewards are given and why, thus the same method applied without having to have specific items per 7* toon.

In addition I doubt and don’t think it’s right to speculate if they did or didn’t as it has become evident that they didn’t, as now they can’t really release any new 7s as there are no collections to maximise expenditure and profits (I. E. Collection of additional items via events or spending for new 7s).

I don’t see how it would. I can save fast trait collectibles for a few months and get the latest OP toon for free. Individual items also give them the option to make some more accessible. If, for example, they want more people to have access to Pete, they could do something like an event that gives out 500 other collectibles or 1000 blue keys, incentivizing people to take keys. I can see @JessicaRabbit’s suggestion work, and do think that is their long term plan for this system (see the various hints that the team is working on a long-term solution for this). Implementing it is probably going to take a while, because they can’t just reuse the already existing mechanics like the museum.

I do think it’s right to speculate, because Scopely take a lot of their ideas from other games, and this is how shard systems tend to function. That they don’t know the limits of their own game is a separate issue (also, they can still have collections, bloody shirts will run out soon which will buy them another week or two, and at that point the new version with extended museum capacity should be out).

What I suggested was pre introduction of 7s and if real planning was apparent it probably would have looked liked what I suggested as shown with other toons they had e.g. 6s with each Trait requiring specific gear to lvl up.

It’s Scopely’s short sightedness that has resulted in the failure to realise that some of their mechanics can not support their future vision and that’s a pretty fundamental thing.

I still disagree that it’s right to speculate because that’s all it is, and it’s not based on an facts. We can only go by what we as customers experience from Scopely.

But this conversation deters from the main points brought up by this post, which are good points. I don’t think the point of the post was to offer speculation but was to convey suggestion to improve the product