Dear Scopely - Please stop giving us shelf warmer legacy ascendables!


I agree not a shelf warmer but would have been better if he was a decapitate.


Victor has focus though, that’s massive in a meta with so many shield/revives.


Kate already gives me focus tho


Lol, same as it ever was. If the f2p toons were good less people would pull for OP bs like holly, Harper, lydia.
Surprisingly people still spend money on this game


Kate is great, but Victor gives you neutralise too with impair on his rush (though only focus to 3).


The new toons are completely worth;eww on this new meta it’s sad that’s that what they are actually giving people


That’s where Knox comes in


So you need two new toons to do what one old legacy accendable can do


Neutralize and bleed damage? Definitely not a shelf warmer at all, this guy will fit right in on my team with yellow Shiva.


wym? Everyone has Shiva


Suspect you may have taken the tigers share there.


I don’t need two but I am lacking in good greens like alpha and I have 4 knoxs so yeah I’ma use two and if there was a toon that delt 1840 bleed to a line and a neutralize plz tell me who


Pretty sure big spenders have a lot of knox. Back in the day he was part of some promo I think though not sure. Thing is even for free players like myself knox is trash can’t imagine the frustration of spenders lmfao.


Sure like you know everyone have one of that three, he isnt enough you need specific toons to get his potential


Until they come up with a gimmick that has people dropping revives from their defenses (unlikely), bleed will be a very underwhelming effect. Now if bleed worked in a way that if your character died from bleeding out you were not able to be revived…that would be something. Right now bleed and burn are second rate gimmicks and recover burn/bleed actives are pretty much not needed. As well as bleed and burn resist mods. @JB.Scopely


More and more trash. Good job making lies about six stars being introduced with the intention to make five stars better. Scum.


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