Dear Scopely - Please stop giving us shelf warmer legacy ascendables!

Every single legacy ascendable from this “mid 2018” list is either mediocre to absolutely awful! Scopely for the love of ■■■■■■■ god stop giving out this garbage! No players roster is going to be benefitted by any of the toons from the collection! I’d rather get 1 pull and gamble on the Christmas wheel than to get these joke ascendables!


Wow knox is one of the worst 6 star toons I’ve ever seen jeez what a mess.


Indeed, this entire wave of legacy toons has been absolute garbage. I have almost all of them and I’ve ascended none of them except blue Andrea and Duane, and Duane was only because I had some extra Bennie’s lying around

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Also I already know this is a post JB will go “lalala! I can’t hear you!” to


I don’t think this Knox looks that bad. Bleed is a very underrated skill and the Neutralize is a good benefit


Bleed can be good, but his rush simply is slow for what it offers.


Well he’s kinda a copy of Blue negan with a lower bleed damage but has neutralise instead of stun

I can’t believe theirs sheep trying to come up with excuses to make him seem good :joy:. Oh man stop it can’t stop laughing.

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This is exactly the type of trash most of us are expecting from legacy ascendables.

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Exactly… As expected :joy::joy::joy::joy:

exactly. wheres the acendables with revive + dmg + healing + bonus health for FTP to try and keep up

oh and what seems to be immune to stun aswell like magna and HS jesus lol

I kind of like that knox, the rest meh.

He’s a free neutralize yeah he could be better stat wise but he has decent bleed damage, he’s a neutralize, and good attack. Maggie is the best however. good rush, good leader skill, good AS.

@ 1974 base stat attack …

425% Damage to a line of enemies

460 x 2 turn bleed

shelf warmer???

sometimes people moan before they take a proper look at toons. he is a decent pain bringer, combine with shiva or rick or davie, can do intensive damage


Yep shelf warmer, to take advantage of that you need either of those three and most don’t even have one lol


Most people have Shiva lol

Not the yellow one


425% even with mods isnt enough to kill toons, only enough to set off their AR, which is probably heal or bonus HP, so the bleed that happens after that doesn’t even kill them


I think Knox looks real nice gonna ascend 2 of him and see how it goes then it’ll be 920 bleed to 2 for 2 turns and neutralize, can’t wait plus he’s a lot better than Victor


Compare these new accendables to the recent promos lol it’s kinda pathetic . Thanks for more trash scopely @JB.Scopely

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