Dear Scopely! Offer you

Make such war: the opponent will be from interregional fractions (as CRW), and tournament for places and prizes will be between the region (as in AOW)… I think this will solve the problem of “dead” regions and the problem of awards…


Thats actually a pretty good idea

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But then what’s the point of grinding to beat someone if you already have the first place rewards easy without doing anything?


So move to a region and lose to the competition but collect 1st place prizes. Nah bro.

Better solution. 1-8 regions together to target a fixed activity level and remove the CRW filter that prevents matching your own region.

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lol here we go someone already pointing disadvantages for a very good ideas… unfortunatily these arethe people who himeslf will not give any good advice but yeh they always will be there to stop u… sometime i think they are actually scoply emplyees

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How exactly is it a good idea? You could come second in the CRW ranking, but because first were in your region you’d get second place prizes. Yet you could finish outside of top ten, but because you’re highest in your region you get first place prizes.

Surely the way to sort this is to create match ups based on leagues, kind of the same way onslaught does

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