Dear Scopely (Level up)

With all these level ups and especially being solo comes some of the usual tricks from scopely and some things they should learn from because we aren’t stupid, 1. Why on earth is shane about to be the next 3 solo level up prize you can get him for FREE in museum right now just another meh toon they put as a prize go figure, 2. Please take out that god awful 1 million food offer for 70 coins and make a quick simple addition to being able to buy the 100 k food option from depot multiple sick of clicking 20 times every time i want 2 million food

0/5 donkey points please do better


$99.99 for harlan? that’s a great deal, scopely? that’s a great company.

Exactly. “Worst deal ever”

But yet they sold Carl 5★/6★ & Mirabelle 5★/6★ for $9.99…


Haha donkey points :joy::joy::joy:

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Because everyone complained about Connie :man_shrugging:

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What’s next? Zeke? Carl? Miraboobs? Yellow Negan? Gator? FUCKING CONNOR?

Donkey points are the best points

Least she wasn;t free in museum lol

gatar next since we all got a free one


If we’re going to have 2 level ups every week, can the event at least not be bugged? It seems like I have a 3k or 8k objective that can’t be completed every level up event now.

8k ain’t gonna make a dent on a 2 m milestone…

I’d much rather the tokens than l shane.

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You know what I would spend real money on scopely? Trainers to level up my 6* adrenaline rushes and special powers.

Can we get some more availability for these trainers please? Coin spending to get them would be very helpful.

Doesn’t matter how much of a dent it makes, it’s broken, and someone here at Scopely should care to fix it


toots of broken stuff that scopely dont care about lol, if it doesnt make money they dont care

prolly lower them to like 80 before they fix it

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