Dear Scopely, just a observation


I read a recent study from Google that said for every MB your app is you lose more people to download. Currently the game is 120mb plus 107mb user data with cleared cache for a total of 227mb of used space in phone. With cache added in it’s 425mb! So instead of adding more to it, maybe fix what is broken? No need for another Depot add-on that will be ignored in a few weeks after released. Soon this massive memory phone hog will be to big to play on anything but newer devices.
Would it not be better for the players and you if you just continue to improve with what is already added?
Unless this is the game plan on sunsetting the game?


You sir don’t know nothing about gaming, I want more hats for my toons, free hat rules. It is useless but rules.


Honestly, you may hear someone tell you size doesn’t matter, but it really does. :joy::sweat_smile:
Some phone companies limit DL to 100mb over cell data, so with the game being 120mb at the start it’s already limiting some to only install over WiFi. Which they may not do once the first install fails.


Well problem will be with phones with smaller internal memory, it can be overcome with rooting phone, sd card etc, but is risky, may cause data lose etc. But who cares, free hat!


The biggest drop off you’ll see on installs is when your app exceeds the OTA (Over the Air) limit of 100mb. Our initial download is below that with additional data downloaded as you unlock new features / we release new content.


Maybe that is why so many complain about the game not loading and being stuck on update screen?
You have to kinda realize by the constant adding of things is killing players in region’s.
Look at the wasted data because of useless items still in game, example would be the failed Christmas ornaments event. They still are there even on new installs.


They will add glue (more data) so we can fix those ornaments and get new repaired ornaments (more data).


Anyways I just wanted to throw out the info I recently read about it here.
Seems to be a big tend out there for bigger companies to minimize their apps, to capitalize on the study.


Absolutely. Could you link me the article?

Generally we do our best to keep the data pushes to a minimum but with a game so heavily driven by content and events there’s only so much we can do. I’ve seen titles with sub 25mb download sizes that then require a 200mb+ download before starting the tutorial. That’s going to kill your new users as fast as starting with a 200mb download. Games are getting huge across the board once you get outside of the casual genre. At least it’s not PC =P


Found these free ones.
Here is a older one for iOS

A newer one for Android




3 f2p games that I play on my phone are over a gig worth of space due to character art and other content. One at 1.14 GB (and that’s without even all of the content downloaded), one at 1.91, and one at 2.02 GB. While 425 MB of total storage may be taxing on lower end devices, it’s not a lot of storage for a game with high def graphics to use up.


That a lot of wasteful apps, why I’ll never install line, insta gram, FB or Twitter. Wonder why YouTube on ios is so much, doesn’t even get close to to use on my pixel XL.
This is my top used memory hogs.


Hey there,
So how would you explain my game constantly downloading 200 mb content on opening screen? I’m close to calling it an end. I messaged support and private message to one developer. No response in 2 weeks. So how it is happening?