Dear Scopely could u do this?

Please give everyone a shield, disarm, decap, double revive, and any other awesome specialty you make for free. No one should have to work hard or spend more time on the game than anyone else to be better than the next guy. By the way we should be beating every pay to win player out there because they don’t deserve to win any more than anyone else


Funny thing is all you need is decap a buffer and def down and they are beatable… been around long time ago. So anything else you need.


Do you feel better about yourself now that you created this meaningless post?


All the complaining about every toon not being awesome are wasted posts

Correction, free toons not being awesome

Certainly more meaningful than this one.

I agree, we need more free stuff. Pls give me the ability to get any character I want, don’t be peasants replying with hate :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not hate, just pointing out how ridiculous the expectations are for FREE toons

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Free toon that does not help anyone in this meta…

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free red decap is needed so is fast seeing they removed sandys…

Are you serious?!?!?

Honestly the offerings from leagues has been great. They are a solid middle tier that has significantly improved ftp defenses for those active enough to be able to buy them.

Tara and Shawn are solid offensive toons that can be match with others to build great offenses. They will take proper pairing, but they are clear tier 2 toons above those offered in monthly free crap rewards that are easy to get.

You also just had a chance at Maggie or john. Offering solid approaches to battle.

Everyone’s focus is on it being tier one or useless. When in actuality they are clearly defining tiers, and thus far leagues has given amazing tier 2 offerings.

The OP is 100% right here. Go look at the leak thread. Alot of crying cause it isn’t equivalent to the new promo sure to hit next week. Meanwhile smart players are think damn. If I pair like this, this guy will be beast and I don’t need a decap.


My suggestion is to watch some videos, complete some offers, hang on to as many coins as u can until you get a good chance to pull a decap

dont need them lmao… F2p need disarming Also atk toon wont help your def kid. You get beaten no matter what the fuck you have

I don’t think Shawn is a toon most, and by most I mean the f2p playerbase which are the ones upset, can use effectively. Without an ap leader, it will be very hard to get him to even command by turn three. If you can’t use him by turn three, then he is no longer effective without decap and all that bonus hp. Just my opinion.

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fact everyone as abe green free green decap more then 1 a - def buffer and kate for buffer… toons up now wont do much…

This is a fair statement. But not having something that will likely at some point become available does not diminish this toons individual capability.

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Also 85 ar your done by turn 3 4 at the most… never goes off

Agreed. But I think that’s why it’s coming off poorly. If he was any of the other three traits (behind rick or Andrea) he would have been received better. He’s an absolute beast of a toon for those who have Alice and Camilla.

Even with Javier or other defense down toons and Kate. Doesn’t need the lattest premiers to clear 90% of the existing toons.

Oh I will be using Shawn for sure.