Dear Scopely, - advise

I discovered today that when you take away the thrill of getting the new character there is very little else to even bother logging in for these days…

Suggest you take some steps fast before others start to realise this same fact and worse than not spending people stop caring.

Just a humble prestige 14 (if it existed) opinion.


Welcome to my (and many others) world. Unluckiest p13 here

With “the thrill” you certainly mean the effect of gambling addiction? :joy: There is no longer a real incentive to even grind hard when the rewards suck, or you will just end up with chances for museum‘s items that may not even grant you a toon at the end because their programmed “rng” is mostly against you.


Don’t deny that for a second. Complete addict. I’m Frey - it’s been 7 days since my last spend. One day at a time.


Wow! Congratulations. :rofl: It doesn’t matter now to what exactly people are “addicted” it is always difficult to get rid of this behavior. But every small step leads you closer to a certain goal.


Stray strong. Once you get over the first month, it’s easier and easier to play and not spend. If you have to, remove your payment options from your play or Apple store and leave your wife/husband or your mother in charge of your bank for that first month if you ever feel your will power breaking. Good luck to you in your recovery from a gambling addiction.


Better yet, just retire. The grass is definitely Greener on this side.

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